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How to install WordPress using Softaculous

8 years ago

wordpress_bannerIn this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to install WordPress using a auto-script installer called Softaculous. Softaculous allows you install Scripts online with ease. I recommend Softaculous because they keep updating the scripts constantly and they have a tons of scripts you can install (e.g. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Dolphin, Elgg, PHBB, etc) . While Fantastico is an alternative to Softaculous, they don’t keep the scripts up to date and there are very few scripts you can choose from but they are the most popular ones. X10 Hosting, A2 Hosting, Identity Web Host, Heliohost, Hostinger (Currently the most recommended) are some of the web Hosts who have Softaculous. Get an account from anyone of these webhosts and register a website with a .com domain name because they are the most popular used domain and they are easy to remember. Now follow these steps to install wordpress on your Web Host:

1.Logon to your account and head to the Cpanel

2.Under the ‘Software/Services’ category, click on the link labelled as ‘Softaculous’.

3. Under the Blogs category, Click on WordPress and select Install.

4.Enter the required informations and finish the installation.

Note:It may take a few minutes to install WordPress, Do not close the window or go to a another website while the installation is going on.

5.Head to ‘[Your domain you registered]/wp-admin’ to go to the admin panel. Here you will login to your account and post articles on your blog.


Now you’re done!  Add your own theme from the menu and start blogging.

Mohammed Haashir

Mohammed Haashir is a tech geek from India with a thriving interest and passion towards developing applications, websites and games. He aims to deliver quality content through his products and blog with a deep emphasis towards aesthetics and accessibility. He founded the blog and YouTube channel- iBlune in 2012 with the goal to teach people how they can utilise technology to make their living. It has since then grown to a larger sector and the blog was then renamed to Haashir.in under the tagline of "Tech lessons informalized".


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