How to make an animated GIF easily

Many people use Flash software to create animated GIF images but there is a easier way to create them without editing each keyframe and Glickr is the solution for this. Using Glickr, you can take pictures from your Hard drive, Flickr, Picasa, MySpace or even use Youtube videos to convert them to animated GIFs. It works on your Web Browser and does not need any softwares or plugins. If you want to convert a YouTube video, Just copy the URL of the video and paste it on Glickr, Then select the speed and size of the GIF image you want and select ‘Continue’. After the image is generated, You can download the image or copy the HTML/ Embed code and paste it on your Blog/ Website. And now follow these steps to create a GIF from your Hard drive.

1.Select ‘Choose File’ and select your images from your Hard drive but you can only select a maximum of 10 Images.

2.Now select the Size and the speed of the Image by using the Combo boxes below.
3.Click on the ‘Continue’ button below and wait for a while until your Image is generated. After the Image is Processed, You can download the file or Copy the embed code and paste in your Blog/ Website.

images (2)







Volia! You can also try using Images from Flickr, Picasa, Myspace, Youtube and so on but as far as I know, this is the easiest of created a GIF image.

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