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How to Create a Web Browser in Xcode (OS X)

7 years ago

Xcode_iconWhile there are so many Web Browsers out there, It still tickles us to know How they are created, So I decided to put up an article showing you How to Create a Web Browser for OS X using Xcode which is a official developer suite from Apple. Today I’ll be using a framework called the Webkit framework which comes with Xcode so you neither have to install any add-ons nor do you have to do any coding. The point of this tutorial is to show you the fundamentals of Xcode and to help you to get used to the Interface Builder. If you find it difficult to follow this tutorial, You can download the Source Code for the project and start editing it. this Watch the Video given below and let me know if you have any questions. Download the Source Code


Mohammed Haashir

Mohammed Haashir is a tech geek from India with a thriving interest and passion towards developing applications, websites and games. He aims to deliver quality content through his products and blog with a deep emphasis towards aesthetics and accessibility. He founded the blog and YouTube channel- iBlune in 2012 with the goal to teach people how they can utilise technology to make their living. It has since then grown to a larger sector and the blog was then renamed to Haashir.in under the tagline of "Tech lessons informalized".


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