How to Create a Simple iOS ‘Hello World’ App With XCode

Xcode_iconXCode is the Official Developer tool from Apple,Inc for all Apple Devices. Today I’ve decided to Show you guys ‘How to Create a iOS App with the Interface Builder in XCode (4)’. In this tutorial You’ll be learning the basics of iOS App Development & the Interface Builder. However, We’ll not be Coding today because for extreme beginners, It’s better to understand How the Development Stuff works rather than knowing how to do Programming without knowing what’s going on in my App. In Interface Builder, You will simply drag and drop objects into your App and then decide it’s functions. Just in case you love to know more about the Basics of iOS Development in XCode, We’ve created a Free Tutorial project in the ‘Showcase’ Page of this Website, Be sure to grab one if you’re Interested. Enough talk! Let’s begin. Watch the Video below and Let me know if you have any questions.