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How to Create a Game in Unity 3D without Programming

7 years ago

Creating a 3D game sounds like a difficult task but it is not so when you believe that you can do it. Unity 3D with its unique and innovative features tells us that anyone who loves to develop Games can now do it with Passion and ease. Unity 3D is a user-friendly and the most popular tool used by thousands of Game developers around the World, Yet Unity allows even people like you and me to build and share a Game without any license. Unity asset store will allow us to grab some scripts and put it to our game and show the World without having to wait for months to just get a simple game built. These tutorials will walkthrough some of the basic steps of using Unity 3D. The materials required are given below, So download the given resources to follow my tutorials. Be sure to watch the videos and let me know if you have any questions.

Materials Required

1. Unity 3D

2. C# Game Examples (Unity Asset Store)


Part 1: Here, We’ll be learning How to use the Unity 3D’s Interface and it’s basic components.

Part 2: Here, we’ll be learning how to add Obects to our Scene. For this video, We’ll add a First Person Controller can try working with it.

Part 3: Here, We’ll be learning How to add Textures, Trees, Details, etc to our terrain.

Part 4: Here, We’ll be learning How to add Skyboxes, Water, And other models to our Game like Rocks.

Part 5: Here, We’ll learn the basics of creating a Third Person game.

Part 6: Here, We’ll Learn How to add the Points Collection System to our Game.

Mohammed Haashir

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