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How to hide the running apps from your OS X Dock

6 years ago

Dock Dodger

Most of us, The Mac users tend to have a lot of apps on our dock to have easy access to them. Sometimes, Too many windows get opened from there and our dock never remains clutter free!. Also, When someone is trying to spy on your work, It annoys us. Usually the method that is followed to hide an app from the OS X dock is to remove a line of code from the original app’s compiled code (Manifest). For extreme beginners, it’s simply too complicated plus that method doesn’t work for say, 90% of the apps. Dock Dodger is an easy to use tool that allows us to hide the running or non running apps from the dock with ease. It’s free and simply works on the principle of “Drag and Drop”. Retrieving the dock icon back is also easy, You simply have to repeat the process as you did while undocking an app by reentering your system password.  If you’ve lost the window, Open the app you were working on from the Launchpad or from the ‘Applications’ folder. It’s a simple trick but if you have any questions, I am here to help you out!. Watch the video tutorial below for more info.




Mohammed Haashir

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