How to Create a File sharing Website

cloudAre you drowning crazy with Dropbox, Mediafire, Rapidshare or any other file server’s limitations? Ever thought of creating one for yourself with your own name? Probably help thousands and even drive a little cash out of it?. Well now you can even with some basic HTML knowledge (I imply my earlier article). If you do want to create a serious File hosting web host then you might want to invest about 50$ for having large amount of space on your server in the first place but I should say that it’s worth for such people. I’ve attached some links, files to go along with my video tutorial which will guide you through the process for doing this task. Download the modified HTML page, Extract it and simply add your form’s embed code to the prescribed position on the template’s ‘index.html’ file once you’ve extracted the zipped file. Watch the video closely and ask me as many questions as you would like to.

Note: This tutorial isn’t honestly applicable to a hardcore Web developer but geared towards being accessible to freebies, non-geeks and full time Entrepreneurs.


Download the modified HTML template

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