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How to make Firefox your OWN!

6 years ago

firefox_rebrand_flat_logoMozilla Firefox as we all know is a Open-Source Web Browser meant to be fast, customizable and secure. It let’s us customize it’s User Interface, Features and almost everything and anything. Today, I’ll be teaching you guys How to tweak Firefox’s Interface, Adding addons and change it’s branding to suit your heart’s content. Consider your company working on cloud maybe an online Office Suite or whatever, You can have your own content on your Web Browser, UI, Branding and define yourself what you want in the Web Browser that the rest of your employees are about to work on. Few good example could be OWASP Mantra and Flocks (Discontinued); It may note be made in the same method I’m going to follow today but it should be inspiring you. If you haven’t seen Mozilla’s video on what it thinks about Open-Source philosophy, Then click here. Follow the video and refer the links I’ve provided to do just what I’m talking about and ask me questions if you do have.




Place to to get Complete themes:


Start Pages:


Guide to creating a executable for the customized Firefox:



Mohammed Haashir

Mohammed Haashir is a tech geek from India with a thriving interest and passion towards developing applications, websites and games. He aims to deliver quality content through his products and blog with a deep emphasis towards aesthetics and accessibility. He founded the blog and YouTube channel- iBlune in 2012 with the goal to teach people how they can utilise technology to make their living. It has since then grown to a larger sector and the blog was then renamed to Haashir.in under the tagline of "Tech lessons informalized".


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