Allen Wong: A middle class Entrepreneur who became a millionaire by writing Apps

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 6.20.00 PMSo this guy here is named Allen Wong hailing from China. Allen comes from a poor background in terms of economy. His family and himself moved to New York during his birth and they did live a happier life in the US. He went into a lot of troubles wherein his brother settled in London and his mother got some severe health problems and his house got burnt and he almost thought of committing suicide. While all sorts of negative things were going on in his life, He taught himself to code and started writing apps for the Smartphones  from the Macbook that his College gave him and one of which is a Police Scanner app. He started making about 50 grands a week which was way more than what he earned from his Job back in those days. All of which was mostly meant for supporting his family. Though he started with an element of fear in his heart, He eventually says in one of his speech,

“…I wanted to be a Police when I grew up and she asked me why? And I said I want to protect  people and help them”

-Allen Wong

So He has given two speeches until now to two Universities and one of them happens to be Harvard University. Check this interview out after you’ve recollected what Steve Jobs has said about perseverance.

“I’m convinced about half of what separates the Successful Entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance”

-Steve Jobs



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