10 of the coolest looking offices on Earth as of 2014

Big companies these days have a great a work environment for their employees to create a sense of comfort and focus during their work. I must admit one of the reasons why entrepreneurs create this kind of offices is to never let their great employees switch over to another company. Without chitchatting much, We have compiled some of the best office perks from around the World along with a couple of pictures around their offices. Please note that literally none of the images are taken by us, The credits/ links are mentioned below each sub heading to let you dig deeper into each office.

Google: Zürich

Image creditsOfficesnapshots


Dropbox: San Francisco

Image credits: Customspaces.com



Selgas Cano Architecture: Madrid

Image Credits: iwan.com


Microsoft: Vienna

Image credits: Officesnapshots.com


Airbnb: San Francisco

Image credits: Officesnapshots.com


Electronic Arts: Stockholm

Image credits: Officesnapshots.com


Vattenfall: Stockholm

Image credits: Officesnapshots.com


AOL Ventures: NYC

Image credits: Officesnapshots.com



Jung von Elegant: Hamburg

Image credits: Officesnapshots.com



Skype: Stockholm

Image credits: psarkitektur.com (for the first picture) & Officesnapshots.com