How to make cool looking business cards

placeit (3)Business cards are nothing but entities that’ll let your customers get in touch with you or your products easily. Now designing a business card isn’t a very simple task nor an herculean task. If you like and know how to draw/design you can very well use Adobe Photoshop and design something out of yourself. If you want some inspiration or if you’re weak in designing stuff like me, you can check out Businesscardjournal. From this site you can download free Photoshop templates and edit them, once that’s done you can simply export it and bam! you’ll have a nice looking business card with less hassle. So the only other software that you’ll be needing is a copy of Adobe Photoshop, get a free trial from here  if you don’t have one. It’s available for Mac and PC and guys out there who are using Linux, you can try using GIMP because from what I can hear is that GIMP supports almost all Photoshop files, else if you can try running Photoshop via WINE. Watch the video tutorial below and create something beautiful today.