Boost the number of subscribers on your blog by adding subscription popups

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 1.52.10 PMBy introducing a subscription feature on your website/blog you can send the latest updates to all your readers regarding the latest happening around your blog or website from within their emails. How? If you ever watched a small popup that came when you first visited this website you would have noticed that it asked you for your email address, so you can get all the latest articles, news and updates from iBlune delivered right at your email. In other words, people who visit your blog for the first time become all time readers now because the latest content from your website become easier to access, remember and read. This can be added to your manually programmed website or a WordPress site by either adding the plugin in the case of WordPress or adding the embed code to your HTML file. The name of the entity that enables us to do all these kind of stuff is Sumome. After adding it, just configure the popup and tell what more you want in the popup. That is all it takes to make a minimal popup. Watch the video tutorial below to see how it’s all done.