iOS app development with Swift for dummies

thumbnail for ios app dev tutorialApple unveiled iOS 8 this year and brought along with it a huge upgrade for Apple developers namely a new version of Xcode with a new programming language called Swift. The Swift programming language can be used to develop apps for any Apple products including OS X and Apple Watch. The highlighting fact about Swift is that it’s syntax is so much easier especially for the beginners when compared to Objective-C. What do you need to have for creating an iOS app? well a Mac because Xcode is available for OS X (i.e. the Operating system that Macs have by default) alone. Xcode is free and can be grabbed from the Mac App Store today, be sure to not have Xcode version below 6.0.0 because Swift is compatible starting from Xcode 6.x only.  So I have uploaded the source code below just in case you weren’t able to follow me or if you just want to have it.

Download the source code