How to add a chatting and collaboration tool to your website using TogetherJS

site-hero-image@2xNormally a lot of people tend to share a particular blog article or website on the web with their friends and family if they find any of those interesting because they always desire to share their interesting experience on the web with the ones they feel will also enjoy that content. Internet cannot afford to stand still always, it needs to be fed with new technologies frequently so that it always stays as the best reliant source for the modern man everyday so slowly a lot of websites are adopting a new web technology called TogetherJS made by the folks at Mozilla Labs. TogetherJS is about allowing the website’s/web app’s visitors, readers or clients to invite another person to communicate and collaborate in real time by just sharing the generated URL from within the app. Adding this particular functionality to your website isn’t a herculean task because all you have to do is first off import the Javascript library to your website by just copy, pasting the code snippet visible on the TogetherJS website to the header part of your HTML document and add the button or any input element to provoke the TogetherJS app whose code is also available on the TogetherJS’ official website. The video tutorial below will show you the basics how to go about with TogetherJS.