Gamesalad for newbies

Gamesalad is by far the most beginner friendly game creation tool I’ve ever seen and it allows us to build our games with minimum reliance on technical knowledge and deploy to many leading and popular platforms ranging from iOS to Amazon Kindle. The logic behind your game can be built by merely dragging and dropping behaviors into these game objects. If you don’t mind sparing a few bucks for getting your game built quicker, you can most definitely make use of Gamesalad’s Marketplace to download various elements for you project all the way from graphics, sounds to the complete project. While the software itself is geared towards encouraging a wider audience to dig less and build more, the basic concepts of Gamesalad such as it’s user interface and the logic builder must be conceived to build games with less surfing around the web and so I’ve uploaded the video tutorial as shown below plus I’m giving away the source code of one of the games I built with Gamesalad called ‘Seek in Seven‘ to help you beginners reflect and build something better with or from it .