How to create a Social News website

tsc-postsA Social News website basically lets anyone share unlimited pieces of content on a website’s front page. Some of the popular examples include Reddit, ProductHunt & Hackernews. Manually coding these wouldn’t be as hard creating a Social Network or anything of it’s kind but for beginners or people who would urgently like to get only the core content up in the first place would find this process rather tedious. This is where Telescopeapp comes into picture, making this process much simpler for the audience that I just mentioned in the previous sentence. What you need to have is first off: Git installed on your Windows or Linux PC if you haven’t installed already (it comes preinstalled on a Mac), then Meteor (i.e. a Javascript library that empowers Telescope) and to learn how to install it, you can refer the video tutorial attached below and Telescopeapp itself which can be grabbed from the official project page. The process of hosting this kind of website is much different from hosting a regular HTML5 website, a PHP powered site or a nodejs web application because here you have to option to either use Meteor’s own simple web app hosting service or use any third-party server you want to host like  DigitalOcean to deploy this website. The video tutorial and links attached below this paragraph will guide you through the process of setting up & deploying a Social News website on your own place within a few minutes.


Git for Windows
Telescope official docs