How to add RSS feeds to your WordPress blogs/posts

wordpress-and-rssRSS feeds are used to view, collect or read the main content from the WordPress website and translate it into different formats to be able to use it on multiple platforms, in multiple ways. Imagine building something like the Flipboard app where you can view a whole lot of articles from multiple sources, well that is kinda what you’ll be building today with WordPress and a plugin for it called WP Pipes. As suggested by one of our readers, CyberSyn does the same job but you can consider this one as an alternative plugin. Do keep in mind that you can always turn your WordPress blog into a Smartphone app using Apps-Builder, Selig or  any other plugin you know that is available for WordPress. The process is very simple, meaning all that you have to do is collect the RSS feeds of the blogs that you want to collect the content of, map the right format of the content received from the other to your blog and test it before you publish it to your website. The complete process is explained in the video attached below.