How to create a simple HTML5 game with Construct

Scirra’s Construct is another easy-to-use game creation tool for Windows that allows you to create any kind of 2D games for just about any platform ranging from the Web, Desktop to Smartphones. Do bear in mind that the free version doesn’t allow you to publish for Smartphones (with the exclusion of Firefox OS) or Desktop. You basically create Actors which are the elements that will interact with each other in your game, import them to your project, lay them on your level by simply dragging and dropping them, altering the default properties or the behaviors of all the actors and then specifying their behaviors or the controls using the beginner friendly logic builder. Before you purchase Construct I’d always recommend you to take a look at Gamesalad since it too is capable of doing exactly what Construct is and it is way cheaper (starting at 19$/month) compared to this one although Gamesalad has a subscription model and not a one-time payment unlike Construct. Here’s a tutorial video demonstrating how to create a basic platformer game and if you’re not an artist like me, you can try looking in for some free assets from OpenGameArt as well.