Simplify your digital life and connect all your apps and services with IFTTT

Imagine how convenient your life would have been when your Social Media and productivity apps synced with your smart devices and other apps. This is exactly what IFTTT aims to do. Here’s an illustration:
If you want your IOT (Internet Of Things) powered Air Conditioner to turn on when the weather at your city rises above 35°C, simply authenticate your belongings and drag in that recipe in your IFTTT account and everything else would happen automatically from then on. You can also say something like update your status on Facebook automatically when I tweet, or ask IFTTT to upload my photos to Google Drive or Dropbox account automatically when I upload a photo or video to Facebook or Twitter.
There are many services that have signed up with IFTTT including giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote to many IOT enabled service providers like Philips and NEST as well. IFTTT calls the two services that you synced with as a ‘Recipe‘ and you can either make your own and share it with the IFTTT community or use how many ever you wish from the hundreds of user created ones. Here’s a video demonstration below on how to begin setting up IFTTT.