How to Create a (Google Cardboard) VR Game with Unity 3D

Virtual Reality has come to be known as the future of gaming, multimedia, education or just about any other field you can possibly think of where tech can be involved. Google Cardboard being the most affordable and easiest way to experience VR has begun shaping up with many other VR headsets launching from various leading smartphone makers and maturing with many more apps and games being developed for it. One of the most recent advancements made in the world of VR is Social VR by Oculus. Realizing the potential of this technology, I thought I too can try developing a game using Google Cardboard’s SDK and Unity 3D engine and surprisingly it is not as hard as it seems. Here’s a preview of the Android VR game I developed using the above-mentioned tools and you can download my game from the Play Store by clicking over here:-

To create this kind of a game, you’ll need to know how to use Unity 3D and I have already created a tutorial series on it so do check it out if you haven’t already. Links to follow this tutorial are below and you can watch the video attached even below to know how to put all of these together.

1. Google Cardboard SDK
2. Unity 3D
3. Autowalk Script