Graphics design with only an iPhone or iPad

Are you a creative professional or artist who doesn’t like to waste or while away the time even when you’re just with your smartphone or tablet during your vacation, safari or travel? well here in this post, we will discuss about various apps for iOS and Android meant for people just like you. While you shouldn’t be expecting to be having the comfort of mouse controls or keyboard shortcuts for precise controls while drawing or designing UI, you can expect to edit your photos to the finest of details, draw some graphics or quick UI elements and prototype them or designing some great looking posters or pictures even if you’re not so good at drawing like me. In the video attached below, some annotations will appear just before presenting each of the apps, explaining the various alternatives for each of the iOS apps on Android because here in this post, we’ll be only discussing the apps that are primarily made for iOS. This post should be more useful for you if you had just bought an iPad pro knowing what it is capable of handling. Nevertheless, these apps are not meant for iPads alone. If you think I have missed any of the most important applications you might be already acquainted with, share them in the comments section below.