Designing dynamic animated web pages using Sketch and Hype

As a front-end developer and UI designer, I realise how tiring it can be to give life to your design by writing the code for it, especially if you’re developing an entire product by yourself. This tutorial is not aimed at teaching you how to convert a standard Photoshop or Sketch file into a dynamic web page (technically you can achieve that with this method but you’d have to tinker with certain elements a little bit like hyperlinking and dragging and dropping certain dynamic web components), rather a method through which you could properly export your assets from the emerging and a popular Vector Graphics tool, Sketch to Hype. Hype lets you create full-fledged HTML5-powered web pages and animations without writing a line of code. Hype is also useful if you’re looking to create animated videos, GIF images or HTML5-powered web pages using the keyframe-based animation toolkit like in the days of Adobe Flash Professional.


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  1. <cite class="fn">David Armitage</cite> March 18, 2017

    Very intriguing work. Love to explore opportunities to work together in the future.

    1. <cite class="fn">Mohammed Haashir</cite> June 28, 2017

      Sure please DM me via the contact page 😉