How to create bots for automating Windows

Bots is a hot keyword these days in the World of AI but the kind of bot that we’ll be making for Windows today won’t learn anything from your experiences nor make any decisions by itself, rather it will perform a set of predefined instructions once it is triggered. For instance, you may want to have a shortcut on your desktop to go to your friend’s Facebook profile. In order to do that, you can just write a couple of lines of Auto IT script once by specifying the keystrokes or mouse clicks that you want it to perform and voila! just open the app and the operations you specified will be executed. You can share the application (i.e. the compiled exe file) with anybody but you’ll need to assure that your bot doesn’t have any operations that will work on one particular hardware only. For example, mouse click locations will vary different monitor sizes, Operating system customization such as themes, etc. Auto IT is not a programming language although it resembles the BASIC language from the olden days, it is in fact, a combination of Bash from UNIX and BASIC with some GUI driven features.