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How to easily generate Poly art for your images

4 years ago

Poly art is basically about redrawing an image using polygons. In most cases, vector graphics software like Adobe Illustrator is employed to take the shape of the area to be cut out by using the brush and ink tool, overlaying the graphics upon the actual image and then the color is added to the polygons from the actual image’s color palette. This is a tiring process to someone who is not used to the graphics editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. However, Dmesh presents a relatively easier way to create Poly art with less hassle but with some compromises, in terms of the amount of control you have over editing your images (at least till date). This app is available for MacOS, Windows, and even iOS so it’s worth the try just in case you’re interested.


Mohammed Haashir

Mohammed Haashir is a tech geek from India with a thriving interest and passion towards developing applications, websites and games. He aims to deliver quality content through his products and blog with a deep emphasis towards aesthetics and accessibility. He founded the blog and YouTube channel- iBlune in 2012 with the goal to teach people how they can utilise technology to make their living. It has since then grown to a larger sector and the blog was then renamed to Haashir.in under the tagline of "Tech lessons informalized".


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