Quickly kickstart Bootstrap projects by building your own templates

If you’ve ever tried creating a website using Bootstrap, you would have experienced how easy it is to actually not code every single web component like the carousel sliders, modal windows, hero images, etc and the website to be responsive, instead let Bootstrap provide you the complete solution for all those problems and help you save time while developing websites. To work with Bootstrap you will need to have some basic knowledge of CSS and HTML5 but with the technique that you’re about to see, you can manage to build at least the basic components of your responsive website without coding (preferably along with the basic knowledge of HTML5). What we’ll be doing today is that we’ll be making a template for our website, then you can either- just hyperlink different web pages inside the same project, make a static site ready without writing any code and directly upload the files onto your server or make it a starting point for your project to write your custom CSS upon. There are tons of Bootstrap builders out there but the one that I prefer and will be using for this tutorial is Pingendo. If you’re on MacOS, Blocs is an interesting choice to consider as well.