How to create a visual novel game

There’s a lot of conflict amongst the gamers as to whether Visual Novels in of itself, can be come under the genre of games but basically, visual novels doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have pretty images on the background and some text rolling all the time. Gamers are presented with choices, you can have interactive story telling as in the popular Play Station title- Heavy Rain. The tool we’re going to use today is called Ren’Py which is an open and cross-platform game creation platform specifically meant for creating Visual Novels. Ren’Py lets you simple declare the objects and build conversations using basic syntax. Although it is based off Python, it’s worth noting that this tool was made specifically for newbies and story tellers. Once you build your game, you can easily deploy it as a Desktop, iOS and Android executable. The video tutorial attached below shows how to build a basic Visual Novel game with interactions.