How to create a 3D animated movie using Plotagon

Telling your own story by creating movies of any kind be it animated, real-time, action-oriented or comedy, is a very challenging task but if you’re just getting started and you have a short story to tell that doesn’t involve a world-class CGI artist or photorealistic environments then Plotagon is a new application that is here to solve just that problem. One obvious trade-off in such easy-to-use creative tools is that the features are meant to be more newbie-friendly than powerful and that is also the case with Plotagon. You can create your characters by using its Character designer, choose one or buy some environments from their store and build the scenes by adding emotions, text which converts itself into speech and camera placement. All these processes in a professional studio normally takes weeks, if not months but with Plotagon, if you have a story to tell you can create an animated movie and release it to YouTube or anywhere else and start building your audience within a couple of minutes or hours. Yes it is worth noting down that Plotagon is available for iOS and Android as well so you can create movies with just your smartphone or Tablet as well.


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  1. <cite class="fn">klas</cite> August 28, 2017

    Excellent review Haashir! Thanks for doing it.
    What’s your Plotagon username?

  2. <cite class="fn">Abdul Mtoro III</cite> September 20, 2017

    Hi..this is very interesting…am an IT student and also a independent front-end web developer… impressed by your resume in here…..and am looking forward to learn from this site….Very Amazing and helpful..thts all