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I am Mohammed Haashir, a 21 year-old tech geek, developer and designer from India. I think deep, smile a lot and love teaching people whatever new that I’ve learnt and help enrich the society’s productivity merely through passion. I specialise in Web and Game design and development but I do other things well, such as making technical video tutorials, making short films, designing UI and developing Android apps.

Apart from all of these, I love watching and visiting historical monuments, documentaries, biographies and of course, browsing.

My dream is to be a philanthropist and establish a tech company that values people’s needs first and help other people to make their living as well, regardless of what background they come from.

Let’s work on your next project together. I believe that with your love, anything is possible. Life is too short so let’s make the best use of it.

Expect no perfection from others, instead be the biggest critic of your own work. 


For general/work/booking inquiries, please
contact me: Mohammed Haashir


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