If you’re looking for the template page from our earlier site or some codes I promised to share in the website, here it is, I’ve just renamed the page here.

Adobe After Effects Templates

Epic Movie Trailer


Visual Basic Projects


Leopard Script is a basic Open-Source Programming language created by Mohammed Haashir in Visual Basic 2010.


 Haze Writepad

Writepad is a Open-Source tabbed text editor and a HTML editor programmed in Visual Basic 2010.  It also has a web browser to preview the Website that is entered on the editor.


Xcode Projects

Web Browser for Mac OS X

A Simple Web Browser package teaching you some basics of Creating your own Web Browser with XCode.


Hello World! for iOS

A Simple XCode project that teaches you the basics of iOS Development. This project includes a basic Text-Label Converter. A very useful project for those who are planning to begin with XCode.