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I am Mohammed Haashir, a passionate designer and developer from India. Over the past couple of years, I have helped several companies and Indies bring their ideas to life either by means of developing applications, bots and games for them or by serving as a mentor. While there are several technologies to choose and learn from here in my website, there’s a small chance that you’ll end up sinking in the very deep sea of just new ideas and struggling or hustling to bring those ideas to the market. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing my customers get what they’ve wanted and that is why I decided to offer a service where you could hire me on hourly basis for any help you may need to get your work done as soon as possible. During these hours, you could either just have a chat or work with me via TeamViewer.

This technology enables anybody to rapidly develop, design and deploy a fully-functional application without the need for learning code. Whether you’re looking to create a web app or a mobile app and launch quickly or validate your product idea, here’s a great opportunity for you.

Game Development

Whether you’re looking to create a 2D, 3D, Augmented Reality or a Virtual Reality game, I can be of some help to you. All you need is your idea drawn out on a paper or anywhere convenient and we can try converting your idea to a playable game.

Everything else..

All the lessons, technologies and concepts we’ve used, shown or taught in this website can be worked out for you or learned with me personally instead of doing it all by yourself. You can hire me to work on your project using any of the concepts or techniques we’ve taught you here.


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