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Bonjour Madame/Monsieur!

I, the imposter can actually help you get some work done. Let’s collaborate.

If you haven’t read about me from the about page, I would highly encourage you to do so before you get to meet me in person. If you’d like to get a complete digital product made like an app or website, please do get in touch with me via my agency website because this complete process is not taken care of just me single handedly anymore. This session is meant for interaction with only me in person via video conferencing and TeamViewer for purposes such as for fixing bugs, market evaluation, personal training sessions (such as for WordPress or Bubble) and thinks like that. The best way to get in touch with me is through my Social Media since it notifies me every time I receive a message but you can always choose to stay formal and email me. I use Appear.in for video conferencing and my PayPal for collecting payments. No, I don’t use Skype or Viber.

I charge 50$ per hour for a session but it is conditional and depends entirely on the amount of work (both quantitatively and qualitatively). Yes, I’ve also done free consultations but like I said, it depends on the situation.