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How to Create an awesome looking HTML5 Product/ Landing page

5 years ago

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 9.59.10 PMIn this tutorial we’ll be learning How to create an awesome looking webpage using the HTML5 framework. There are numerous HTML5 professionals out on the web who’ll make great looking and very responsive web templates for you but they cost you huge bucks so let’s get this straight. We today will be using a premium quality but a free template from html5up to add and modify our own content into our own Website. If you are aware of HTML5 and it’s basics, That’ll do it. If you haven’t checked my previous tutorial then be sure to check it out from here. In addition, You’ll be needing a good web host if you want to spread your work worldwide. I suggest Hostgator or Godaddy if you’re looking for premium hosting but if you want to first see how your stuff works, I suggest Neq3 for a free web host. I think that Filezilla is good FTP client to transfer all the files to your Web Host. Just copy all the necessary FTP information from your Website control panel or the so called “CPanel” to the Filezilla Site information and type “21” for Port number as it is recommended. Once that is done just drag all the files from your hard drive along with the sub folders of the project to the ‘Public_html’ folder in the Website. I hope this tutorial really helped you, If you have any further questions please comment down and I’ll respond you ASAP.


Mohammed Haashir

Mohammed Haashir is a tech geek from India with a thriving interest and passion towards developing applications, websites and games. He aims to deliver quality content through his products and blog with a deep emphasis towards aesthetics and accessibility. He founded the blog and YouTube channel- iBlune in 2012 with the goal to teach people how they can utilise technology to make their living. It has since then grown to a larger sector and the blog was then renamed to Haashir.in under the tagline of "Tech lessons informalized".


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