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Yes, that is me on the left- the self-proclaimed imposter and maker who is obsessed about building technologies

My name is Mohammed Haashir and I was born and raised in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I have always had a tremendous amount of passion for building digital products and helping others to do the same. You can see how I express this notion through this website and my personal projects. My projects have impacted and been used by over 500K users, ranging from schools, hospitals, corporates and startups to detectives living across the globe. The fact that my projects can end up being used in other industries, keeps me motivated and gives me a sense of purpose and responsibility.


I tend to have a polite, friendly, (mostly) quiet and introverted personality. History/biography, psychology, travel and filmography are some of my other interests besides technology. I don’t think it’s so bad to be interested about a number of other things as an entrepreneur instead of being focused on one thing so long as they don’t correlate to each other I believe that the key to having a successful business and balanced life lies in observing and reflecting on everything around me- be it people, nature or just stuff lying around me.


I run a small digital product development agency named Haze along with two other young, passionate, talented developers and a part-time job as a course instructor to make up for my living expenses and R&D. If you’re looking to hire me to get your digital product developed (be it an app or website), please feel free to reach me through my social media or our official agency website.


My goal is to build a fruitful platform for everybody that democratises creativity with technology be it in the form of a website like this or a physical location. Dyslexia for example, is an undervalued issue at schools that not many want to pay attention to but I’d like to volunteer in easing the lives of students/kids living with this problem as I too was a partial victim of this problem. While I understand the journey to seeing this dream come true isn’t as simple as it sounds like, I like to think that I have already taken a few steps to initiate this kind of environment like starting this blog and Kreator Tools for instance. This won’t be a couch to always fall back on but we’d have to one step at a time, gradually to improve the experience and I would need to build a community with people like you on board, to create an environment that encourages creative and critical thinking. Pollution is another painful yet a very common thing happening here in the place I live. I’m trying to solve this issue by creating a unique smart trashcan solution for the locals that incentivises garbage disposal because government’s regulations and efforts on eradicating this problem aren’t strong enough.


If in anyways I have helped or inspired you to build anything, please feel free to share your stories with me through email or social media. I like to learn and get inspiration from everything and everybody around me that intrigues me. After all, I am an unbiased, shameful imposter who is obsessed with just building things for people.